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A volley of sunshine through the protesting leaves of a thousand sleeping coconut trees, casting designs of a quiet rebellion on brick floored courtyards. In a clay pot on a wood fire, mustard seeds crackle to wake up the village. The onions always go next, creating a cosmic sizzle.

The sights and sounds of South Indian cooking are deserving of a riveting Epic. At Kumar's, you can pick up a hardbound copy. No embellishments, fiercely authentic.

Kumar's Houston - Best South India Restaurant in Houston

no msg, no food color, no artificial ingredients










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Naatu Koli Soup   .     farm raised chicken soup

Aatu Kaal Soup   .     slow cooked goat bone soup

Melagu Rasam   .     southern style spicy tomato and pepper soup


Mutton Kola Urundai **   .     deep fried goat meat balls

Meen Varuval (6 pcs)   .    fried fish, marinated in spices (caution: bones)

Chennai Chilli   .    boneless meat, marinated with ground spices and fried

         (choice of chicken or fish)

Kumar's Special Nandu Boneless   .   crab, shells removed and tossed in peppery sauce

Pepper Prawns   .   shrimp, stir fried with fresh ground black pepper and other spices

Mutton Chops   .    pan seared goat chops that will rock your world!

Mutton Varuval   .   bone in goat cubes, stir fried with masala until dry

Mejra Chicken   .   chicken thighs, sliced horizontally, marinated and fried

Naatu Koli Varuval   .    farm raised chicken cubes, stir fried with spices (caution: bones)

Ulunthu Vadai   .    donut shaped rice and lentil batter, deep fried

Sambar/Rasam Vadai   .   vadai from above, soaked in a soup of your choice

Sambar Idly   .    thin rice cakes, soaked in lentil soup

Mini Idly (in sambar)**   .    mini rice cakes, soaked in leantil soup

Kuli Paniyaram**   .   rice and lentil batter, pan fried in the shape of donut holes

Seppan Kelangu Fry   .   taro roots - baked, fried, marinated and stir fried - that simple, NOT!

Urulai Roast   .   let the good times roll with these southern style roasted taters!

Chennai Chilli    .    veggies, marinated with ground spices and fried

         (choice of cauliflower or mushroom)

Kaalaan Pepper Fry    .    oyster shrooms, sauteed with fresh ground black pepper and spices

CURRY UP!   (choice of rice or naan)

Kumar's Chicken Saalna   .   thin chicken curry, with a lotta spices and mild coconut

Mutton Kolambu   .   southern style goat curry (caution: bones)

Meen Kolambu   .   southern style fish curry, in a tangy sauce (bonesless)

Nellore Chepala Pulusu   .   andhra special tamarind based fish curry (boneless)

Naatu Koli Varutha Curry   .   farm raised chicken curry, in a semi-gravy (caution: bones)

Pepper Chicken   .   black pepper in a cumin based sauce, with chicken (boneless)

Guntur Kodi Kura**   .   another andhra special, chicen curry! (caution: bones)

Nandu Masala   .   crab with shells, in a spicy semi-gravy pepper curry

Mutton Chops Masala   .   pan seared goat chops, served with a little sauce on top

Chicken Chops (gravy)**   .   half a farm raised chicken, roasted and topped with sauce

Mutta Kolambu   .   southern style egg curry

Vegetable Saalna   .   thin curry, with a lotta spices, vegetables and mild coconut

Button Kaalan Varutha Curry   .   curry with fried shrooms, in peppery sauce

Palaa Kottai Kolambu**   .   jack fruit seeds in a super savory curry. flippin' good!

Vathal Kolambu**   .    salted and dried vegetables in a tangy sauce

Kaara Kolambu   .    spicy red chilli based sauce with your choice of vegetable

         (choice of eggplant, okra, garlic)

Kathirikka Vadhakkal    .   eggplant, roasted with spices, and then stir fried with sauce

Keera Masiyal   .   heart healthy greens, made into a tasty semi-gravy, with seasoning on top

Avial    .   lotta different vegetables, steamed and boiled into a coconut based sauce


Chicken Biryani   .    aromatic rice, cooked in simmer with chicken and spices

Mutton Biryani   .   same stuff from above, but goat instead of chicken

Chicken Curry Fried Rice   .   basmati rice, stir fried with chicken, egg and onions

Veggie Biryani   .   bunch'a vegetables, cooked together in simmer with basmati rice and spices

Kichadi**   .   cream of wheat, cooked with carrots, beans and peas

Ven Pongal   .   rice and lentils cooked together, with fried black pepper and cumin

Variety Rice   .   rice, fried with your choice of tangy vegetable from below

         (choice of lemon, tamarind, tomato)

Curd Rice   .   yogurt and rice, with fried spiced mixed in

Plain Rice   .   well, duhh!!


Mutta Veechu   .   southern style bread, folded into layers with egg in the middle

Kari Dosai (goat)   .   goat - grilled, chopped up, mixed with egg and topped on a dosai

Mutta Dosai   .   coupla eggs beaten with pepper and cumin powder, spread on a dosai

Kothu Parotta   .   famous southern style flaky bread, shredded and stir fried

         (choice of egg or chicken)

Veggie Kothu Parotta   .   southern style flaky bread, shredded and stir fried with veggies

Poori Kelangul   .   puffed wheat bread, served with spicymashed potatoes

Chappathi   .   whole wheat bread, tortilla style!

Idly   .   thin soft rice cakes, steamed to perfection

Oor Style Parotta   .   our famous southern style, layered flaky bread

Dosai   .   rice batter made into a crepe, but a lil crispy

         (masala, mysore, ghee - add for $1)

Kal Dosai   .   a thicker dosai, made not too rispy and comes paired with a curry

Uthappam   .   rice batter made into a savory pancake

         (onion, chilli, veggie - add for $1)


Karandi   .   omeletter, made in a deep spoon, instead of a griddle... why not, right?

Kalakki   .   egg, tossed over easy... so good that it melts in your mouth!

Half Boil   .   egg, sunny side up with ground black pepper and cumin on top

Omlet   .   south indian way of saying - omelette

Mutta Poriyal   .   scrambled eggs, with onions, chillies and ground black pepper

THE OTHER INDIAN   (curries come with rice or naan)

Chicken Tandoor   .   chicken, marinated and baked in the traditional clay oven

Chicken Tikka   .   boneless chicken cubes, marinated and baked in the clay oven

Tikka Masala   .   some people wanted tikka in a sauce... so, tikka masala!

         (choice of chicken, paneer)

Vindaloo   .   meat and taters dove into a spicy curry to create this delish!

         (choice of chicken, goat, shrimp)

Saag   .   spinach in a creamy sauce, with your choice of meat or paneer

         (choice of chicken, goat, paneer)

Chole Bhatura   .   puffed naan bread, served with chickpea curry


Gulab Jamun   .   indian style donut holes, soaked in a sugary syrup

Basundhi**   .   milk based creamy dessert with nuts and suffron

Kesari   .   cream of wheat, cooked with butter, sugar and nuts

Halwa   .   wheat flour and ghee, cooked with sugar to gooey goodness

Payasam   .   pudding made with roasted vermicelli (or sometimes, rice)

Kulfi   .   village style homemade ice cream


Kumar's Special Jigarthanda   .   a madurai delight: ask for details

Nannari Sarbath   .   drink made from sarsaparilla root and bael fruit, super healthy!

Badham Paal   .   boiled milk, with almonds, saffron and cardamom

Rose Milk   .   boiled and chilled milk, with fragrant indian rose syrup

Amsavalli Apple Milk   .   milk with fresh blended apple, saffron and cardamom

Kaapi   .   sothern style coffee, frothed with milk and sugar

Bakery Tea   .   chai tea latte (like ginger and cardamom in it? let us know)



We serve an authentic South Indian meal the right way: at your table, on a banana leaf. Weekend lunches at Kumar’s bring to life the timeless food traditions of India’s ubiquitous Mess Halls. Guests are served rice and a variety of curries and side dishes at their table. It’s like a buffet, but you don’t once have to leave your seat! Just call out to your friendly waiters when you need something and they’ll take care of you.

Saturday and Sunday 12pm - 3:30pm
best south indian meals near me





a mildly spiced lentil curry  with vegetables  .  Sambar

okra / eggplant in a tangy curry  .  Kaara Kolambu

tomato based black pepper soup  .  Rasam


vegetables stir fried with spices  .  Poriyal (2)

vegetables in a dal curry  .  Kootu


yogurt  .  Thayir

buttermilk spiced with ginger, cilantro and green chilies  .  Neer More

papadum  .  Appalam

rice crisps with onions  .  Arisi Vadagam

pickle  .  Oorugua

classic South Indian sweets  .  Dessert

spicy chicken curry  .  Chicken Kolambu

savory goat curry  .  Mutton Kolambu

tangy fish curry  .  Fish Kolambu

Vegetarian Unlimited Meals

Non-vegetarian Unlimited Meals

...and a side order menu featuring regional non-vegetarian and vegetarian specials that accentuate the meal  (changes every week)

Banana leaf meals - Kumar's Houston

3 steps to ace the weekend lunch at Kumar's

1. Eat with your hands.

Eat with your hands.

2. Signal your waiter whenever you're ready for the next dish.

Don't wait to be asked.

Signal your waiter.
Tell us how much you love the food.

3. Tell us how much you            the food.











11 am - 10 pm

11 am - 10 pm

11 am - 10 pm

11 am - 10 pm

11 am - 10 pm

11 am - 10 pm

11 am - 10 pm


8383 Westheimer Rd #168, Houston, TX 77063

best indian restaurant near me
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